Pins, Propositions, Potentials

Proposition: Invite someone to send you a location pin and time to meet each other at. Once at the pin, take a walk together. [Nov-Dec 2021, ©Marzieh Mosavarzadeh]

For my 31st birthday, I thought of doing a series of “birthday walks” with people who have had a meaningful impact on my life in the past year. For this birthday walk, I invited a select few people to choose a location that had a significant meaning for them, me, or both of us, and send me a pin in Google Maps. We would then meet at this location to take a walk together. I also invited them to consider asking me to prepare/do something prior to or during our meet-up at the designated pin (such as bringing specific snacks, drinks, art supplies, making something together, etc.). In a sense, these location pins were these people’s birthday gifts to me.