Neither Here, Nor There

In my Neither Here, Nor There solo show, my intention was to visualize the process of changing and shifting in layers of one’s identity because of immigration and displacement. I wanted to convey this notion of living in-between identities, a state which leads one to experience the feelings of ambiguity and uncertainty. Different layers are added to my identity constantly, and I believe that these layers inherit a significant part of their existence from the places I reside.

Neither Here, Nor There was the result of questioning these facets of my identity that are existing altogether. I found that by being in a place, I gain new dimensions of identity, but this does not mean I erase or abolish my past self.

In this exhibition, I revealed that I am becoming the spaces between selves. My analogy has roots in the concept of being in-between the dichotomy of inside and out, public and private, and you and me. 

The prints are two overlaid self-portraits of me in two different expressions, and in two different colours. By making different imagery and examining distinct compositions that I could create out of the repetition of only two plates, my endeavour was to depict these layers concurrently so as to stress their contradictions and similarities.


~ Gallery 621, Department of Art, University of Calgary, Fall 2015, ©Marzieh Mosavarzadeh.