Walking with water: (Re)Making pedagogical relations through walking and artmaking

Proposition: (1) Walk with a group of people together but apart along bodies of water simultaneously. Pause to send them an image/text periodically in a group chat. (2) Take your co-walkers’ images/texts on a walk with you.

[Apr – Jun 2021, ©Marzieh Mosavarzadeh, Sholeh Mahlouji, Yasaman Moussavi, Elmira Sarreshtehdari]

~image from the Walking with Water arts-based project, Marzieh Mosavarzadeh, May 2021

This arts-based educational research unfolds the artful and pedagogical potentials of engaging in a simultaneous practice of walking and artmaking in different locations, along bodies of water, and together-apart. Through introducing the term co-living inquiry as a thread between action research and a/r/tography, we suggest how the notion of walking with as both action and metaphor has provided conditions for us to explore ways of (re)making relations among our walking bodies, the places we walk in, and our works of art as a collective effort to create a learning community of artists and art educators together apart.